SOLABOND is light cured adhesive one-step bonding. This bonding can be used for enamel and dentine. It can be used root for canals before fixing pins, filling and for inlays as a primer. Also it is suitable for composite inlays, ceramic, crowns as onlays, veneers bridges.

Product Features

- Easy to use and excellent stability
- Highly viscosity and hydrophilic
- Excellent bio adaptability
- Easy Influence to dentine
- Ethanol based


- Excellent for composite inlays, ceramic as onlays and veneers
- Desensitisation of sensitive cervical areas
- Designed for enamel and dentine
- Used for root canal as a primer
- Single application
- Repair of fractured composite filling
- Treatment of sensitive teeth
- Indirect restorations made of composite


Available in 5 & 7 ml bottle

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